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I already know and use ESI; why should I take this course?

The course was written by several members of the very same team that helped develop ESI. In addition to basic ESI information, the Team has included content that should be helpful to experienced triage nurses who are very familiar with the ESI.  Examples of this advanced content include: low frequency/high risk presentations, and ways to distinguish between Level 2 and Level 3 patients – which we know is a challenge for even some very experienced triage nurses. 

How long does it take to complete the Adult/Pediatric course? 

The length can vary depending on your experience! An experienced triage nurse, familiar with ESI should only need approximately 2 1/2 hours to complete the Adult course; however a beginner may need up to 4 1/2 hours. 

The Pedi-only course is brand new so we're still identifying ranges.

I was not able to complete the course within the 90-day limit after I registered. Can I receive an extension?

Unfortunately, no. The life of the key codes are hardwired and because of that, we are unable to extend the life of any registered key code. We realize life can get busy, but we do this to strongly encourage staff to devote the time necessary to the course, once they register. 

As a department, we are having difficulty keeping track of key codes, resulting in users receiving messages that their key codes are invalid.

We can help! On Wednesdays, we can provide a comprehensive report outlining the status of each purchased key code, including registration status, how each individual is progressing (pre-test & post-test scores), as well as how many days left in the course registration period. Easy fix! 

I have just taken over as the Department Educator and the records I have inherited are not particularly complete. I know we bought codes from you; how can I find out how many we have left, who has completed the course and how they did?

Congratulations! We'd be happy to help. Please send us as much information as you can, most importantly: the name of the hospital when the purchase was made, the approximate date of the purchase, and the identity of the clinical contact. 

With that, we should be able to confirm the names of the ED manager and educator when the purchase was made. Once we locate the set(s) of key codes that were issued, we will send you a complete report, inclusive of all codes used and remaining, who has completed the course and their course performance.

If the purchase was made by a purchasing agent who did not provide us with an order form listing clinical contacts, it may be more difficult to identify your key code set(s). 

I would much rather call in an order over the phone. Is that possible?

From experience, we have found that order information is significantly more accurate when submitted via the order form online - thus providing an overall improved customer experience at the end of the day. Once you submit the order sheet, we would be more than happy to answer any further questions over the phone, including transmitting credit card information but we cannot move forward with an order without a completed order form.

I like the fact that you offer three versions of the Adult/Pedi course, as well as a standalone Pedi course. Can I split one order among several products and still get the benefit of the volume pricing?

Yes! As long as everything is fulfilled at once and billed on the same invoice.

We had a nurse complete registration who then left without doing much of the course.  Can I now reassign that key code to another staff member?

Unfortunately, no. Once a key code is registered, it cannot be reassigned to someone else. 

We have specialized requirements that are different from what is on your order form. Can you accommodate these?

Happy to see if we can accommodate. Just send us an email and let us know what you need. We'll see what we can do.

What is a Purchase Order (P.O.) and why do I care?

Many hospitals use purchase orders to authorize and track significant purchases. Given the system your hospital's purchasing department likely already has in place, we require a purchase order to assure course registration and final payment.  If your order indicates that a purchase order will be forthcoming please recognize that it will not be processed until we receive the PO.   

We realize POs can get confusing. If any PO specific questions come up after you have submitted your order, feel free to email us. 

Any other tips to get my order processed quickly?

Digitally submitted orders are preferred for speedier processes.

Why are there three versions of the Adult & Pediatric course?  What is the difference?

Different institutions have elected to use the web course in different ways.  The “B” and “C” versions of the course were originally created for institutions that wanted to use the course to provide annual or biennial triage re-education and wanted a different question bank attached to the same content as the classic (“A”) version of the course .  Other institutions indicate to us that they administer these other versions as a part of an initial round as a way to  discourage information transfer or as a follow-up for additional staff triage education. 

I have heard that the course is available in Spanish which is great because I have staff who have Spanish as a native language.  How do I order the Spanish version?

The course is naturally bilingual.  There is a drop-down in the upper right hand corner of each screen that changes language and stays in that language until flipped back.  While it is possible to change back and forth, we have found that taking the entire course using one language makes for a better experience.

Is the course offered in other languages?

Yes! At this time, the Adult/Pedi Course version is available in Spanish. We hope to soon offer the Pediatric only course in Spanish, as well. As soon as we do, we will be sure to notify our users accordingly. 


I need to access the Course registration link but when I googled it, it didn't work, it was the wrong link. Now, my key code won't work. What happened?

We have two different course types, so googling the course will not guarantee you end up in the correct destination.

The link for the "Adult & Pediatric" course is different from the link for the "Pediatric only" course and if you reach the incorrect destination, it is likely that your key code will not work and will lock you out of your account moving forward. 

The best way to guarantee that you will access the correct course for your account is to go directly to our website: and click on The Course. From there, you will be able to re-access - works every time!